Saturday, 6 August 2011

What a difference a day or two makes!

Well I bought a 3/4 hairpiece on Annabelles Wigs it arrived yesterday and I put it on and couldn't believe how fabulous it is, perfect colour match, looks and feels just like my own hair!!

I got glammed up this afternoon to go for tea at my lovely mum & dad's with my hubby and decided on the 40's today for tea. I put on my trusty floral tea dress which I just adore and it fits me whether I'm having a good or bad day with my weight! I flicked the front of my hair into a little curl/quiff then put on the hairpiece and a little head scarf, then my make up.

I have to say when I looked in the mirror for the first time in a very long time I actually felt confident and like "me" I honestly feel like a different person to my previous post like I could say "look here I am, this is me, take me as I am or don't bother!"

I just did a day look with my make up, and finished off with the most lush limited edition lippie Mermaid from Rockalily I just love Ree Ree's lipsticks, I have Rockette Red in my make up bag and also the other limited edition Vintage Vixen on order. If you haven't tried Rockalily lipstick you must, they are fabulous for my pale skin, make your teeth look white (especially rockette red) and have awesome staying power!!

I have put a few pics on let me know what you think of the hairpiece as most of you will know my hair is quite short and I'm desperate for it to grow, so this 3/4 style is just perfect for me.


 Rockalily Mermaid

Love reading your comments!



  1. You look gorgeous, Mrs H! You should totally let your hair grow!! xxx

  2. the hair piece looks fab! I've been considering getting one but wasn't sure but now I'll definately be looking into it!

    Looking fab. xxx