Monday, 1 August 2011

Just because I dress 50s style......does it mean I'm SO different?!

Sorry for the long gap between posts (slaps my wrist!!)

I thought about the title of this post the other day and wanted to write something on my blog, so here goes! (this is just my views!)

I find it fascinating that people seem to think because I don't conform to the "fashion" of today that I must be 1. different, 2. have no feelings 3. am not able to hear or see 4. am not entitled to be what I want without judgements

The reason for these 4 points is over the last few weeks I have really noticed what "reaction" I seem to get when I'm out on my own dressed in my 40's or 50's get up. I have had extremely disapproving looks from alot of people, but a couple of weeks ago on two different occasions people actually voiced their opinions on what I was wearing, and was quite hurtful.

I was in two minds about writing this as I am not a confident person at all, but find that when I put my make up on, do my hair and put my vintage/repro/rockabilly outfit on I finally feel like "me" (if that makes sense!) Anyway, I found that the said people who decided it was fine to shout remarks to me "what the **** does she look like she think she's in a time warp shes mental" and such like comments have really knocked what confidence I did have.....what are your views on this and what are people's reactions if any to your style?

I appreciate everyone can have their opinion of course, its just I don't go out of my way to give looks or shout remarks to people who conform to the latest "fashion" and all look like clones of each other, do I?!

I'd love your thoughts on this and hope I haven't offended anyone!

Back later in the week with some pics :)



  1. Some people can just be so judgemental. I'd love to say I'm surprised by this but I'm not. Every time I die my hair back to back I'm a "wee goth". Some clothes I was love to wear but don't wear to certain places because of this. I'm ashamed to say I let the opinions of others judge what I wear when I really shouldn't. I love your style and I hope you manage to keep up enough confident to keep dressing like yourself. :) x

  2. Oh my goodness... who were those thoroughly awful people? I think you should be so grateful that you have found a style that you love and a style that will ALWAYS be in fashion -the 50's gave us our iconic stars such as Marilyn Monroe & Elizabeth Taylor - to this day they represent beauty and style - in the mainstream as well as the more specialist branches of fashion and beauty! You are gorgeous and glamorous - enjoy every minute of it - the sort of person that shouts out that kind of thing - isn't someone I'd want to associate with! xxx

  3. i get mixed reactions really old men seem to comment alot of how i look and dress in a nice way telling me i look like there girl when they were young. the people who give you the negative comment normal have there own issues, lifes to short dress the way thats makes you happy and i asure you most people you pass along they way pass with a smile but you only notice the horrors xx

    Please dont let the chavs knock your confidence we cant all have rat nest hair and a skirt up are arse so are use are just old souls xx

  4. Oh my sweet, don't let it bother you. I've had sniggers from people that look like wag wannabes, I've had 'do you know the war is over' shouted from across the street, amongst many things. I don't let it worry me. You have to walk tall and smile. There are so many other thing to worry about in life, peoples reactions to you should be way down the list. I'm renowned for being 'quirky' in my office not just for my clothes but for my attitude. Quirky is a fab description as far as I'm concerned!

    Dare to be different and dare to not care. That would be my words of wisdom to you. xxxxx

  5. They are just jealous hun that they don't have the guts to be them selves. You should feel proud to be yourself & ignore them xxx